Welcome to Aspire Wine Agency, connecting incredible boutique wineries of the Okanagan & Similkameen Valleys to the public. You are invited to come on a journey to discover what secrets we have been hiding in our lush vineyards and to get to know the passionate people behind the incredible wines they are producing.

Aspire Wines understands that each winery, each wine and each winemaker is very different from every other. For that reason an umbrella-approach to sales and outreach just does not work in this business. Large portfolios can create the umbrella and smaller, unique products can get lost in a sea of products. We are keeping our portfolio small, working with wineries that are not going to overlap what we already have, and to give each one of the beautiful wines as much attention as they deserve, carefully seeking out the right niches for each one of them.

Our design is to reflect the ideology of integrity by presenting our wines to where they will have their best potential for sales, matching up demographics of the placement with the right pricing and flavor profiles. We emphasize personalized sales & outreach for each wine to expand the customer base through increased public awareness and appreciation by personal guest experiences like in-store samplings. Founder, Sue Marko has a combined total of over 26 years of customer service, hospitality ownership and wine sales…. and that shines through in what the clients receive which, simply put, is the highest level of professional service in the business.

Aspire to be the best by working with the best!