Origin Wines

Modern inspirations and New World styling at Origin Wines on the upper bench of Naramata result in wines boasting crisp, full fruitiness with masterful & elegant finishing. What’s your preference? Red, white, rose or how about ORANGE? Yes, this winery is up to trying almost any project in our fabulous wine-world!


Origin’s latest addition to their line-up, “Trio” Meritage boasting huge flavors and bold tanins. Primarily Cab Sauv, Merlot & Cab Franc with just a pinch each of Petite Verdot and Malbec to round out the full Bordeaux Blend. Aged 18 months in French Barrels to complete the complex flavor profile.

Yes, these wines are vegan, but this one is going to be enjoyed with A LOT of steaks!

Origin’s goal is to create easy to approach unpretentious wines that will appeal to people based on their personal taste and preference. All of their wines are organically grown and VEGAN. The Current line-up includes; Gewurztraminer (“Gu”), Chardonnonay (“Eden”), Pinot Noir (“Mistral”), Merlot-Cab Franc (“Farm House”) and a new release (Sept/19) Meritage (“Trio”) featured above.

Wine is for everyone, it doesn’t need to be fussy, it should be fun!

Origin Business Card

The Wine Shop is open everyday 11am to 5pm from May Long Weekend to Thanksgiving Weekend. 250-328-2158 to book tours or special events.

1278 Riddle Road
Penticton BC V2A 8X2